Shipping Terms




  1. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in these Shipping Terms before you begin to use our Site. This terms are to be read together with other mecielo’s terms stated in the website. By using mecielo, you agree with all the terms sets by us in the website and the apps.
  2. Shipping Fees are calculated based on weight, dimension, origin and destination, charged by the Shipping Companies, choose by the Seller from the list of Shipping Companies, listed on mecielo.
  3. Sellers are to fill in accurate information of the following in the product page :-
  4. weight of the shipment;
  5. shipping fee        

            iii.    delivery days

  1. The Seller will then have to make the necessary arrangement to ship the products to the respective Buyers using the shipping companies chose by the seller, which are listed on the website.
  2. Mecielodo not have any connection or interest whatsoever with any of the Shipping Companies listed on the site. Our objective is only to give a wide option for the sellers to choose from, that suits their needs the best.Mecielo is not responsible to pick up, transport, deliver or otherwise deal with your shipment.
  3. Once we send an email verification/text messages on the item purchased by a buyer, the seller must shipped the purchased item within 48 hoursfrom the purchased date/time.
  4. Seller need to ensure that item purchased must reach the Buyer within 3-5 working days for West Malaysia and7-10 working days for East Malaysia.
  5. Seller will have to update the system with “Shipped Item” in ‘My Sales’ page in the Seller Dashboard after the shipping has been made by the seller. For the convenience of the Company and the Buyer, the seller will have to update the Tracking Number in the notification /conversation space on the website.Failure to provide shipment notification within 4 days may cause your transaction and any associated payment to be cancelled at our sole discretion. As a seller, you waive your ability to win any disputes if the Buyer has proof that the package did not arrive due to not having Delivery Confirmation or Tracking Number.
  6. You are required to notify us when you change the status of an order. Changes in status could include but are not limited to: shipped / delivered/ cancelling an order, refunding an order or alerting a customer about a missing item from their order. Do not contact customers directly unless replying to a question, alerting them of an order status update, or responding to a complaint.
  7. You may not use the Shipping Services provided in the Site for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You may not, in the use of the Shipping Services, violate any laws in your jurisdiction or the laws of Malaysia.
  8. Mecielo will not be responsible for any local customs charges, import taxes or duties or any similar charges related to your shipments. You must figure out whether any of these charges will become due, and arrange for the payments with the Shipping Company.
  9. Any use by you of the Shipping Companies listed on the site, is entirely at your own risk and discretion. You should ensure that you are familiar and approve the terms of the shipping companies chosen. .
  10. These Shipping Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia applicable therein, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws.
  11. If a court finds any portion of these Shipping Terms to be unenforceable or invalid, that portion of the Shipping Terms will be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and the remainder of the Shipping Terms will remain valid and enforceable.

            Any questions about these Shipping Terms should be sent to [email protected].


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